Passion is part of all of us. There is no exception. We have passion for a club, for an artist or for a song, for a book or for a country. But there is no bigger passion than the one that fills our chest, with that first glance, touch…

The new Portuguese artist NOBLE brings us not only a song but all of this… as if we are standing beside our first love.

Honey, in just a little over 3 minutes, transport us through Noble’s voice and emotion, with killer arrangements and a beautiful piano melody that is capable of pulling us out of our chair. Very few can make us feel this way the first time we listen to them.

Honey is the key to Noble’s world. It’s what we hope to hear from the ones that love us and what we want to say/ sing to the ones we love.

Noble is the artistic name of Pedro Fidalgo. A 22-year-old musician from Amarante, that, since he got his first guitar at the age of 14, wants to take us back to the place where we used to be happy. We had to wait a few years, but it was all worth it…

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